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Paradise IoT Platform

Future Tech Lab powers Digital Transformation through its secure, scalable and cloud based Paradise IoT Platform.

Paradise IoT Platform Services

Secure solution

State-of-the-art and end-to-end security for all connected devices and services.

Backup and recovery

Reliable, durable and cost-effective options for backup and disaster resilience.

Data archiving

Affordable solution for IoT data archiving in a secure storage.


Rapidly build prototypes and deliver products using our DevOps practices.

Big Data and IoT

Develop and deploy scalable and secure Big Data and IoT applications and services.

Digital Transformation

Trusted partner for your company’s Digital Transformation journey.

High Performance Computing

Enhanced networking and cloud-scale clusters to keep you a step ahead of competition.

Mobile Services

A range of services including mobile app development that can scale to users around the world.

Data Ownership

Our clients keep ownership of their data and we do not use your data without your specific consent.

Solutions used by our clients

Paradise IoT Platform powers digital transformation through Mobile Apps, Cyber Security and Cloud technologies. Future Tech Lab provides B2B and B2C solutions across many industries through the platform. It has the proven capabilities to meet your specific business and digital transformation needs for security, scalability and reliability.


Develop advanced R&D prototypes with Paradise IoT Platform.

Smart Home

Drive your smart home business with our flexible, scalable and secure APIs.

Mobile Apps

Reliable back-end for your mobile apps and support for user notifications.

Education and Training

Look no further to educate yourself on IoT, Cloud & Digital Transformation and get Certification from Future Tech Lab.


Solution for data lifecycle management, smart care delivery, secure healthcare records and more.

Paradise IoT Platform Pricing

Note: The pricing is applicable for a single user license.
After 10GB, IoT Data Storage cost is €3/year.
The total number of connected devices are limited to 50 in this pricing plan.
For custom pricing plan, please contact us.


150 year

  • IoT device discovery, management
  • Remote data exchange, control
  • End-to-end security, privacy and data protection
  • Open and secure APIs
  • 10 GB of IoT data storage
  • Mobile application for consumer interactions
  • Minimum one year subscription or contract required
€ 150 / year Contact us for subscription